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SL300 Trike Trailer

US Patented
(Click picture above for larger view)

Trailer Description

Bed Size: 66" long by 96" wide

Color: Black Powder Coat Paint
Standard Tire Size: 5.70x8 rated (910 lbs.) each
Optional Fold Up Ramp - $749.00
(Ramp is 64" wide by 72" long)

Has three caster wheels with
5.70X8 tires rated at 910 lbs. each
 The bed of the trailer is expanded metal floor* and has
4 inch high side rails on three
sides. A spare tire and  2 1 7/8
inch coupler balls are included.
Extra heavy duty hitch adapter
is included.

*optionally available as 1/8" steel tread plate

Cost:  $250.00


Any litigation arising out of the sale, purchase, resale, or use of any of the Smart Trailers products
shall be litigated in a Court of Competent jurisdiction in Polk County, Florida.

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